Advisory Services

Our client's business is our business. This is the reason why we exist. We mobilize every resource at our disposal to deal with the issues. Advising on transactions is our forte. We consider the various business variables that guide decision making, identifying opportunities for value creation in the transaction cycle while being compliant with existing laws. Our clients, therefore, enjoy the benefit of receiving high quality advice that is practical, proactive, actionable and timely.

Strategic Facilitation

We support our clients in translating their adopted strategies into executable plans. Our role is to act as trusted advisors that can assist with strategic reviews and managing change as our client's business strategy continue to evolve in the face of a changing business, political, economic and social environment.

Corporate Strategy and Advisory Services

We assist companies in designing their corporate structures for tax efficiency among other efficiency indices.  We assist with crafting Tax and Financial Management strategies for companies.

Transfer pricing support

We review existing transfer pricing system and adequacy of documentation.  We offer support in the creation of local documentation guidelines in accordance with local regulations. The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) Act requires that agreements relating to the transfer of technology, or providing for payment of management fees, engineering services, royalties or licensing, trademarks and technical services agreements, between a Nigerian Company and a foreign company be registered with NOTAP.

An agreement is deemed to involve transfer of technology if its purpose is connected with any of the following matters:

  1. The use of trademarks;
  2. The right to use patented inventions;
  3. The supply of technical expertise in the form of the preparation of plan, diagrams, operating manuals or any other form of technical assistance of any description whatsoever;
  4. The supply of basic or detailed engineering;
  5. The supply of plants and machinery; and
  6. The provision of operating staff or managerial assistance and the training of personnel.

Transfer pricing support

Registration with NOTAP is necessary, as non-registration will mean that the foreign company will not be able to purchase foreign exchange legally to repatriate any payment due to it from the agreements. The local company will also not get any tax deduction for any unregistered agreement.

Stransact Partners assists her clients in obtaining the NOTAP Registration Certificate/Approval from the relevant government agency.

Why create a tax function?

Of the lot of professionals saddled with management of the corporation, those responsible for collecting, analyzing and disseminating the financial indices of the corporation collectively termed the finance function handle some of the most sensitive issues. It is often said that cash is to business what blood is to the human.  It is therefore not surprising that the finance function is also the focus in effecting compliance with the various statutes on taxation.

The finance function of the modern corporation typically comprises a Finance Director or Chief Financial Officer and several Professional Managers and book keepers assisting to ensure proper recording of transactions in order to gauge the financial performance of the corporation.

Discerning companies have recognized the extra savings and direct contribution to shareholder value that can accrue from carefully managing and planning the tax process.  Such companies have set up specialist Tax manager roles within the Finance function.

Tax Function Effectiveness

We work with companies without a dedicated tax function to set up one. We handle the entire process from job design and analysis, strategic fit to the organization’s organogram to recruitment for the specialist tax role. We assist existing tax department with strategic capacity building.

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