Knowledge Brokerage Services

We bring our clients facing similar challenges together to help them build relationships, and share ideas that will let them do their jobs better. We facilitate specialist’s financial knowledge transfer to people whose everyday jobs include financial or people related decisions. Our expertise here is derived from our knowledge of the subject matter and our experience of the needs of our clients. We therefore, work to link our clients to ideas and resources.

We foster knowledge exchange. We are constantly monitoring trends and issues in the local business space and alert our clients as soon as we can.

Stransact Knowledge Series

Stransact Knowledge Series is a series of scheduled training and workshop sessions on business, management, tax, finance and accounting programs delivered by our team of professionals and industry experts to further your career and improve your productivity in the workplace.

In Nigeria, we are the leading provider of corporate taxation training conferences and seminars. We are confident that in the near future, Stransact Knowledge will be the undisputed market leader in training and conferences in the fields of accounting and financial management, internal audit, risk management, counter fraud work, compensation and benefits in Nigeria.

When you attend a Stransact Knowledge conference/event, you will benefit from a thoroughly researched program, delivered by leading experts in the relevant field who have worked as consultants with the leading consulting firms and have also played leading roles as practitioners in industries. The unique blend of our faculty and an event structure that offers the invaluable opportunity to network with event participants makes Stransact events highly rated.

Some of our courses are awarded Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits by external associations and institutions such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN).

Stransact In-house Training

We offer in-house training where you can choose the level of training you need delivered at your premises or at a dedicated event venue. The decision is yours. Choose the level of training you require.

Level 1: Courses from our calendar.

You can choose any of the courses from our calendar, and we can deliver it at your chosen venue at a huge corporate discount. Please visit stransact training for details of our current training calendar.

Level 2: Tailored courses.

We could modify any of our standard courses to meet your specific organizational development requirements.

Level 3: Bespoke training.

We can customize and design the appropriate curriculum from scratch to meet your company's learning and development needs.

please visit our current knowledge offerring for more detail

Specialized Management Courses

Our Associate business, Boston Knowledge Company organizes specialized courses in niche areas in Leadership, Strategy and Governance. Sometimes these courses are held in association with some of the leading Business schools in the United States. for more information on these please visit

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